Phi Mu

College of Charleston

– Alpha Kappa –


Sisterhood should be one of the main reasons to join a sorority, especially Phi Mu! Without a doubt our chapter has a true sisterhood - one where everyone knows more than just your name and where you can always be yourself. Through our new member program and various sisterhood events, there is no doubt that every sister will feel at home.

For example, new sisters, or "Phis," go on a Phi Retreat each year with a few older sisters. During this weekend the Phis spend time bonding with the rest of the the girls in their pledge class by playing ice breaker games and making presents for their future Big Sister. In the past, Phis have spent the night at Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Isle of Palms, and other locations around the Charleston area. Phi Retreat is a great chance to go to the beach, watch movies, and goof off with your new sisters!

Half way through the Phi program, new members make a list of older sisters who they would like to be their "Big Sister." This person will hold a special place for a new member in Phi Mu since she will guide them during their time from initiation afterwards. After a Phi makes her list, she is paired up with an older sister. Until Big/Little Reveal, it is a secret who your big sister is, so the weeks leading up to the reveal are filled with fun clues and guessing who she could be! The week directly leading up to Reveal is called Big/Little Week. Each day, new members pick up presents from their Big on our house porch that are accompanied by a clue until the end of the week when the entire chapter comes together for the reveal. Big/Little Reveal is one of the most exciting events of the semester and many of our sisters recall it as one of their favorite memories from Phi Mu!

We also have a Sisterhood Retreat in the fall, which includes the entire chapter. Phis have a chance to bond with all of their sisters and Big/Little reveal is sometimes held during this weekend. In past years we have held sisterhood retreat at Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island, spent the weekend in Manning, SC, as well as attended Camp Longridge in Ridgeway, SC.

Throughout the year, our chapter holds sisterhood events, typically one every two weeks. From "Crafter-noons" filled with fun arts & crafts, to "SAS Movie Nights," (Sisters And Scenes), and also regular house dinners, there is always a chance to take a breather from studies and catch up with your sisters! Sisters also make events of their own, rounding up groups to attend sporting events, watch shows at a local theatre, or just take a trip to the beach! 

Sisterhood events are an important part of the Phi Mu experience, and they go beyond the 'Phi' and collegiate time periods. Alumnae chapters have many sisterhood activities as well from card nights, to dinner/movies, to spa trips, and more.

No matter where you are in the country (or even the world), you will always be a part of the strong sisterhood found in Phi Mu.